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BreakRoom – escape and hint hunt game with various themes. You and your team will have only 45 (or 60, depends on the room) minutes to break out of these rooms. Spend more time and you will loose.

Room themes in BreakRoom VILNIUS

Pirate ship (2-4 persons) – you’re trapped in pirate ship “Vėjopatis”. Pirate crew ashore to hide treasure, you have 45 minutes to escape through secret exit, but you have to find it first.

KGB prison (2-4 persons) – you will be held in KGB prison, where only most dangerous criminals were interrogated. Game level: medium. Recommended for all beginners.

Space Ship (5-10 persons, for max impression 8 persons recomended) – first Lithuanian space ship LUNA-85 which was secretly built in 1985, in this building (ex Taxi park). You are now in the space -but your resources – air – is limited.


Room themes in BreakRoom KAUNAS

Wizards school (2-4 persons) –  The Evil Witch seeks to rule the world however her path is blocked by the wizards.In order to destroy the wizard race the evil witch has summoned a mythical creature Medusa.Whom ever looks at Medusas eyes turns to stone and the witch has left Medusa at the Phoenix wizard school.You are the only wizards left who have not been turned to stone. The stone curse can only be lifted by finding a special magic wand, though the wand is secretly kept by the elders who have been turned to stone. Find the wand and you shall free yourselves.

Alien spaceship (2-4 persons) – Your team awakes in a unfamiliar environment. Your memory is erased that’s why you can only remember a few facts: you are human kinds representatives, you were taken by force to a research laboratory and you are now in a spacecraft which is stuck in a asteroid field. The ship has received serious damage…. Your objective is to use the interference caused by the collision of the ship and escape the mysterious ship by sending an SOS to the extraction team before the ship neutralizes every life form there.


Bomb squad (5-10 persons) Terrorists have sabotaged the building by planting a bomb and are now demanding a ransom. Your team is an elite bomb squad who specialize in defusing bombs and dealing with terrorists. The Sabotaged building is near a Toxic waste security zone. If the bomb explodes the whole city will be intoxicated. There is only 1hour for you to defuse the bomb.. There is no way that the city can be evacuated. You are now responsible for thousands of lives. While dealing with the mission your team caught by the clever traps the terrorists have layed down.. Every wrong step leads closer to the deadly toxin.





Pirate ship: 30 EUR for a  session (2-4 persons team)

KGB prison: 46 EUR for a session (2-4 persons team)

Space Ship: 100 EUR for a session (5-10 persons team)


Wizard school: 30 EUR for a session (2-4 persons team)

Alien spaceship: 46 EUR for a session (2-4 persons team)

Bomb squad: 100 EUR for a session (5-10 persons team)


I-V 16:00 – 22:00;  VI-VII: 11:00-22:00

Reserve your time.


Were you can find us?


Vilniaus Taksi Parkas, Pelesos str 1, Vilnius. (Ex Taxi park), entrance via parking-lot (second floor).

Cell number: +370 684 49944

Email: info@breakroom.lt


BreakRoom KAUNAS

Savanorių pr. 64, Kaunas (ex coctail club “Venera), entrance via parking lot.

Cell number: +370 670 04787

Email: kaunas@breakroom.lt